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Axis IHear Hearing Aids

Axis IHear Hearing Aids

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Features and Benefits

  • Rechargeable, never change a battery again.
  • Portable charging case to charge them 3 times over.
  • Receiver in Canal: great for amplifying high frequency sounds like birds & higher pitched voices
  • Personalize to your needs with the MyiHEAR app
  • Directional microphones
  • Customize your sound environment w/ 4 programs & 11 volume levels
  • Advanced digital feedback suppression
  • Advanced background noise reduction
  • Crystal-clear digital sound
  • Magnetic snap charge dock

Product Overview

  • Recommended for individuals with Mild to Moderate hearing loss.
  • Ideal for people with a social lifestyle that are often in moderate listening environments in typical activities such as shopping, dining in restaurants and attending meetings or religious services.
  • Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) model delivers a fuller, cleaner sound quality.
  • Advanced Directional Dual Microphone Speech Processing - Localization of speech for understanding in moderate listening environments.
  • Comfortable and ultra-clear natural sound quality for a superior listening experience. 

Product Manuals & Guides

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